Are you nuts ? Or Do You just Need a Favor?

Are you nuts ? Or Do You just Need a Favor? Ok so the title sounded silly but it caught your attention didn’t it?  Wedding Favors.. OMG  there are SO many choices for DIY Brides for wedding favors.  Years ago just about every Bride chose Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle and while this is a traditional wedding favor, don’t feel you need to be stuck in tradition.

History of Jordan Almonds

According to our wiki source: A classic, popular version of dragée are whole almonds coated with a sugar shell in various colors. Called mulabbas in Arabic, confetti in Italian and Jordan almonds or sugared almonds in English, these confections have a long history, and are traditionally associated with weddings and special celebrations. Throwing or handing out these candies at such occasions (hence the name for the multi-colored paper confetti which usually now replaces them) dates back centuries, and is meant to ensure prosperity, fertility, happiness, and good luck.

The treats are often packaged in groups of five per guest, accompanied by a traditional poem:

Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat

To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.

Five wishes for the new husband and wife —

Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!

Wedding Favors- now as unique as you.. and so many ideas I would literally have to write a book on them.
DIY Wedding Favor LipBalm Tube

There are so many choices of what you can fill your lip balm tubes with- from candy conversation hearts or Jordan Almonds to cocoa or cappuccino mix and everything in between. Here is a list of some goodies you  can get to create your own wedding favors, some are nearly done for you too- a wide collections from goodies to gourmet foods and teas.

Create your own Lip Balm tubes (these are the large tubes not the typical  ones you see with ‘chapstick’ , ready to fill with any goodies you choose.

Perfect Beach Wedding Footwear, Barefoot Sandals

Beach Wedding Footwear

You have planned the perfect beach wedding and now you are wondering. What kind of shoes can I wear in the sand? We here at the Barefoot Bride have found the absolute ultimate in beach fashion footwear- The Barefoot Sandal and today we showcase some gorgeous selections from our affiliate, Beautiful Barefoot Sandals.  Choose from elegant  Swarovski Crystals, Quality Glass Pearls, Unique Gemstones or  Sparkling Czech beads.

Beautiful Anklet Jewelry that go from your ankles all the way down to your toes. Comfortable Beaded Foot Jewelry that moves with You. Wherever You Go!  Wear FOOT JEWELRY instead of shoes or Simply Slip your BEAUTIFUL BAREFOOT SANDALS over flip flops, flats, sandals.

Now if you choose (being the DIY Bride) to make your very own creations for your  barefoot sandals, there are tutorials online to help you. (at the risk of dating myself terribly- I used to make these back in the 60’s when they were so popular with the hippie generation )  You can create simple sandals, or make them as intricate as you wish- using seed beads, macrame, fresh water pearls (these are so awesome) gemstones or Swarovski Crystals or a combination of  any thing with a hole in it, seashells can also embellish these  very cool sexy  barefoot sandals.  The sky is the limit.  Here is a pretty good basic tutorial on making barefoot sandals. And for beads, there is NO place that equals Beadsworld and you can order online. NOTE: Belly Dancers also Love the barefoot sandal, so if you  have a friend who is a belly dancer, let them know we offer a source for buying and /or making them.