My Top 10 NO Stress DIY Wedding Rules!

The MOST important thing to remember when creating the Do it Yourself Wedding is Relax and Have fun! I’d like for you to have the best  NO Stress Wedding you can have. Each wedding is going to be unique and there is NO way to do it wrong. Be flexible so you can enjoy and not stress. Stress frowns are not pretty on a beautiful bride face. 🙂 Remember, that even if something DOES go terribly wrong (outside of illness or accident) it will make your not-so-perfect wedding a memorable occasion for all – years later there will still be stories of  “Remember when … “ that will shine over the memories of that boring other ‘perfect’ wedding everyone attended the month before/after yours.  Make it fun, make it unique and enjoy it- Anyone can have a perfect wedding created by the wedding planner- but  the bride who does her own wedding , no matter how casual or formal it is – will remember the fun of creating the experience for all of her guests.  Including the bridal party and soon-to-be-hubby will give them pride in being a bigger part of the wedding than just another pretty face standing in the correct place at the right time.  So.. without further adieu,  I give you MY 10 Top  NO Stress DIY  Wedding  Rules.

  1. Choose a flexible theme so  different ideas would match  and you are not stuck in such a tight theme base you can find nothing to fit in.
  2. Have a back up  plan for each step of the way (less stress).
  3. Assign projects to your bridesmaids and let them  help.
  4. Start early in preparing so you won’t stress if one idea goes awry.
  5. Assign a few projects to your husband-to-be,  so he can be a part of the wedding  planning .
  6. Don’t leave out the Groom’s or Bride’s parents, Assign something, no matter how big  or trivial, to them as well
  7. Don’t forget the kids-(If they will be attending)   make sure to have a plan for babysitting AT the Wedding and Reception so  while they are attending, someone (Other than the Bride, Groom or bridal party ) will be in charge of keeping them entertained and in check with the rules.
  8. Have alternate choices for foods, flowers, centerpieces, wedding favors, music, and even for the reception location (a close and available  inside choice if your outside wedding is rained out for instance) – I would suggest  to EVEN have an alternate choice for your wedding gown Just in case something terrible happens to it.. (It can be a pretty  vintage dress you found at a resale shop for instance)
  9. Make post-it notes and a note board your best friend, jot down ideas, and the names of who you assign projects to and place them on the board-  add any notes  for alternate ideas or additional things  (no matter how small) to be completed and not forgotten, then assign one of your  bridal party to be in charge of this note board. Maybe even a weekly meeting  of all  to go over ideas and what has and has not yet been completed.
  10. Most of all Don’t Sweat the small stuff – if you had to settle on something other than what you thought was the perfect  choice, it will not ruin the wedding – really it won’t.  At the end  of the  day you will still end up married to the partner of your choice for a life of happiness.

So, I hope this has helped a little bit- take from this what you need and leave the rest and by ALL means, enjoy the process of your wedding because in the end the day itself goes quickly and it was the getting there  that will be most memorable.

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